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After completing pharmacy school in Strasbourg, Benoit Busser performed a pharmacy residency in Grenoble, and became specialized in cancer sciences.

Benoit Busser was graduated PharmD in 2008.

He defended a PhD in Cell Biology in 2009.

In 2012,  he was appointed as Associate Professor in Biochemistry (University Grenoble Alpes).

In 2017, he obtained the Research Supervision Diploma (HDR, Univ. Lyon)

Benoit Busser works in the Institute for Advanced Biosciences in Grenoble



Elemental imaging with LIBS

Imaging endogenous/exogenous elements in tissues

Cancer Signaling in solid malignancies

Resistance mechanisms to targeted therapies

Lung Cancer/Melanoma : molecular biology

Diagnosis, treatment and translational research

Nanomedicine : tumor targeting / vectorization

Innovative radiotherapy with neutrons and x-rays

2023 - ...

Full Professor (PU-PH, Grenoble Alpes Univ.)

2012 - 2023

Associate Professor (MCU-PH, Grenoble Alpes Univ.)

2009 - 2012

Assistant Professor (AHU, Grenoble Alpes Univ.)

2004 - 2009

Pharmacy Resident (Grenoble Alpes Univ. Hospital)

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