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University Appointment


Full Professor of Biochemistry and Cancer Sciences

National University Council (CNU): Pharmacy - section 82 , specialty : Biochemistry
Grenoble Alpes University (UGA) - Facu
lty of Pharmacy
Faculty member in the Teaching Department: Basic and Clinical Biological Sciences


Teaching duty : > 200 h/year
Teaching responsibilities :


- Former Referent teacher for the “Professional Bachelor of Science in Biotechnologies” university degree (2017-2021)
         (Responsable pédagogique de la Licence 3 Professionnelle Bio-industries - Biotechnologies)

- Referent teacher for several university courses
          (Responsable d’Unités d’Enseignement)
Cell Biology (L2 Biotech), Protein Engineering (practical session-Master1 Biotech), Serum Glucose
Quantitation (practical session-Pharma L3), Basics in Cell Biology and Biochemistry (L3 pro)


Teaching Topics: cell and cancer biology, general and clinical biochemistry, biotechnologies,...
Audiences: Pharmacy students, Master students, Hospital medical residents, Paramedical students...

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