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EMIM 18 - San Sebastian, Spain

Great event


In situ multi-elemental imaging of human specimens with laser spectrometry: a future gold standard for medical diagnosis ?

B. Busser, M. Leprince, S. Moncayo, F. Pelascini, J. Charles, JL. Coll, V. Bonneterre, V. Motto-Ros, L. Sancey.

European Molecular Imaging Meeting (EMIM). 12th annual meeting of the European Society for Molecular Imaging (ESMI).

20-23 March 2018. San Sebastián (SPAIN).

Parallel Sessions

Each of the 24 parallel sessions started with an overview talk followed by talks selected from the excellent abstract submissions.

The 24 Parallel Sessions:

PS 01     New Probes | Optical & Optoacoustic Imaging PS 02     New Tools for Cancer Imaging PS 03     Multimodal and Drug-Based Imaging of Brain Physiology and Connectivity PS 04     Cardiovascular Imaging PS 05     X-ray & Nuclear Imaging Techniques PS 06     Neuroimaging | New Methods PS 07     Imaging Metabolism PS 08     Imaging Therapies PS 09     Intra-Operative Imaging PS 10     New Probes | PET/SPECT & Radionuclides PS 11     Imaging Infection PS 12     Data Analysis & Methodology PS 13     Hyperpolarization MRI & MPI Technologies PS 14     Neuroimaging | Disease Models PS 15     Immuno - Oncology PS 16     Optoacoustics & Fluorescence Imaging PS 17     Brain: Structure, Function and Networks PS 18     Oncology | Solutions to unmet Clinical Need PS 19     New Probes | Synthesis and Enabling Technologies PS 20     Microscopy & Optical Imaging Technologies PS 21     Understanding Tumour Biology PS 22     New Probes | MRI & Multimodal PS 23     Imaging Immune Disorders PS 24     Ultrasound & Opto-Acoustics Technologies

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