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Lanthanides can also be detected with LIBS !

In theory all the elements may be detected with Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS). For medicine and biology, our team listed all the elements we already found in tissues, with their respective sensitivity

Periodic Table for tissue multi-elemental LIBS imaging
Periodic table of the elements and LIBS analysis. Almost all elements, including metals, are detectable within biological tissues via LIBS. The essential chemical elements for most living organisms are displayed as follows: bulk biological elements are in red and essential trace inorganic elements for plants or animals are in purple. Endogenous and exogenous elements already detected in tissues via LIBS in previous biological studies are marked with a black dot. The theoretical LOD is given in parts per million and is indicated by the number in italics under the chemical name of the element. R.E.E.: rare earth elements.

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